TVNZ: Show Promo Campaigns: The Pacific and Go Girls

Two very clever TVNZ show promotion campaigns were launched this month using digital channels at the heart of the campaigns.


The first was a  very public dog-fight to garner attention. But not an animal dog-fight mind you. In an elaborate ambient campaign, Colenso BBDO has re-enactied a World War II dogfight to promote the TV ONE mini-series, ‘The Pacific’, produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman. The ten-part mini-series focuses on the stories of three marines during America’s battle with the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II.

Utilising the expertise of the New Zealand Warbirds Association and pyrotechnics company Van Tiel, those in Mission Bay, Auckland watched as a real New Zealand Kittyhawk took on two Japanese fighter planes. The dogfight was visible from anywhere along the beach. The aerial feats is just one many clever acts as part of the campaign to launch the new show.


Last week a giant mural featuring hundreds of copies of authentic letters sent by marines, along with photo’s,  was unveiled on Symonds Street. The letters, complete with browned edges and yellowing paper, were also sent out to random households as part of the promotional effort.


The campaign for the mini-series also includes a wall-length billboard covered in letters written by WWII soldiers who fought in the pacific. The outdoor spot is at ground level which allows passers-by to stop and read each letter.


An interactive web site was also produced by AIM Proximity.



The second campaign is something much more personal and frankly a little bit cheeky. Whether it took place in the McDonalds carpark, behind the bikesheds or on your wedding night with candles, rose petals and Kenny G, the first time is a big occasion. And TVNZ’s online social experiment aimed to find out a little bit more about the nation’s sexual history by getting users to plot the location where they lost (or perhaps misplaced) their virginity.

The online Virginity Map was created to promote TV2’s local drama Go Girls and was AIM Proximity’s response to a brief asking for an engaging and fun way to allow fans to get to know the characters and interact with the show (are we witnessing a lowest common denominator theme in the national broadcaster’s promotions?).


South Pacific Pictures, the makers of the show, wrote the biographical information for each of the core characters and their pins/sins can also be seen. And viewers – who must be of age to register – can also ‘drop a pin’ (euphemism alert!) on the map and show the world where they lost their innocence. And joyous (or horrible) memories of the experience, anonymous or otherwise, can also be added.

Christchurch: where virgins fear to tread Bridget Snelling, TVNZ brand and business marketing manager, says New Zealanders, somewhat surprisingly, seem to like talking about their making of proverbial whoopee.

“The Go Girls site is enjoying a spectacular traffic boost around the Virginity Tracker launch, representing more than 12,000 page impressions last Sunday, which is on top of ramping numbers behind the regular TVNZ Go Girls site.”

The average user session duration is at at two and a half minutes and the Go Girls Facebook page added 3,025 fans (up to a total of 11,221, which is getting close to Shortland Street levels) and had 581 wall posts, comments and likes. And this, Snelling says, shows the application is doing its job and creating engagement.

“Most people love it, some don’t, but there’s no major outrage,” she says. “And it’s connecting with the audience, which is the point.”

AIM Proximity creative director Michael Barnfield says Go Girls is extremely popular with women in their 30s, even more so than the age group portrayed in the programme.

“For these viewers the website becomes more of an element of nostalgia, and we’ve found that our female audience, and plenty of men too, are only too willing to relive their ‘first time’ now that the memory is at a safe distance.”


TVNZ general manager of marketing Charlotte Findlay says viral marketing, alongside more traditional media, is an increasingly important tool to get viewers and particularly young viewers, to engage with content.  She didn’t mention, however, that viral marketing seems to take on a new, slightly more repulsive meaning when it has to do with the exchange of bodily fluids.

“TVNZ is committed to bringing New Zealanders content they can dive into when they want, where they want,” she says. “We see online applications like this one as an extension of that philosophy, so you’ll see us doing more and more of this sort of activity.”

Wellington region completely exhausts supply of virgins TV2 marketing manager Aimee Glucina says the potentially controversial site was intended to enhance viewers’ experience of the show.

“While there have been specific episodes that deal with the characters losing their virginity, the site is meant as a bonus for fans of the show; a light-hearted and harmless way for our viewers to have a bit of fun . . .We know that the Virginity Map is a little risqué, but so is the show. We feel that the tone of the site is fun, tongue in cheek, and captures the fun, flirty nature of Go Girls.”

What’s the Taste of Yellow?

On February 10th 2010 a chocolate bar was launched to market. It has now become the fastest selling chocolate bar in New Zealand over night. It outsold Crunchie, it’s closest rival two to one. Shops sold out and bars traded on the Internet for up to NZ$87.

But we weren’t selling chocolate!

They say you can get any Job Done with Yellow. Last year Tracey built a restaurant in a tree. This year, average every-man Josh has took up the challenge.  Yellow’s mission was to create the world’s first yellow tasting chocolate bar and bring it to market in six months using companies sourced only from Yellow™, Books, Online, Mobile and Maps. A participation brand campaign produced by Colenso BBDO and AIM Proximity.


“It’s been an adventure,” Josh says. “Lots of ups and downs; but I got it to go into supermarkets.”

So what does yellow taste like?

When researching flavours for the Taste of Yellow Chocolate, Josh apparently drew inspiration from his travels around New Zealand, his favourite breakfast (French toast with maple syrup and banana) and his mum’s desserts. His flavour testing road trip around New Zealand showed him most people preferred flavours like pineapple, banana and maple syrup over things like lemon and honey.

The taste of Yellow is hard to put your finger on, but it has a mixture of familiar flavours that blend together to create something entirely unique. It’s fruity, zingy and sweet. When I tasted the Yellow Chocolate bar for the first time, I was actually stunned by how much it tastes like yellow.

A quick taste-test on the streets saw opinion divided – though not on quality, but on the exact flavour. Banana, mint, pineapple – a little bit of white chocolate one punter reckoned. “Wow, that’s interesting mate. Oh yeah, that’s good. Tastes yellow, tastes like pineapple lumps, yeah, quite pineappley – its quite nice mate,” said another. “It’s quite fragrant, it’s yummy, it kind of has that pineapple-banana tropical sunshine,” said another.


There were 73,000 bars sold in the first three days on sale at $1.99 each. In an exclusive distribution deal with Countdown, Woolworths and Foodtown only 102,000 limited edition bars were made. “The sales of Yellow chocolate far exceeded expectations. This is one of the fastest selling new chocolate bars Progressive has experienced in a decade,” says Eve Dhar, Progressive Enterprises Limited category manager.

One enthusiast has launched a Facebook page called ‘Make More Yellow Chocolate’ and has a following of 362 fans, demanding another run of the limited edition chocolate. Yellow™ Marketing Director, Kellie Nathan, says “We wanted to prove that just about any mission could be completed using Yellow – the book, online or mobile. And we’ve certainly done that!”

Josh_Yellow Josh says that Yellow Chocolate’s has been brought to market with sheer hard work and the help of many partners:

"Without the help of Yellow and over 45 Yellow businesses that supported me on this mission, I would have never imagined such a great result.

I’m proud of the outcome and stoked to have proven that you can get any job done with Yellow"

Says Yellow marketing director, Kellie Nathan: "Josh has developed a huge following of people eager to discover the taste of Yellow Chocolate, his supporters, and the Yellow Businesses who have been involved, to celebrate a job done. We wanted to prove that just about any mission could be completed using Yellow – the book, online or mobile. And I think we’ve done that!" says Kellie.


Colenso BBDO:
Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Digital Creative Director: Aaron Turk
Producer: Paul Courtney
Planning Director: James Hurman
Group Account Director: Andrew Holt
Account Director: Rachel Turner
Account Manager: Katya Urlwin

AIM Proximity
Digital Account Director: Terri Williams

Porter Novelli PR:
Executive Director: Louise Wright
Senior Account Manager: Sarah Geel
Senior Account Executive: Anna McIntosh

Aim Proximity Launches TVNZ iPhone App

Television New Zealand launched yesterday the TVNZ iPhone application developed by Aim Proximity, and it has already rocketed to number one on the iTunes app store within hours. An iPhone™ app, or application, is what Apple® calls third-party software programs developed specifically for the iPhone™ and the iPod Touch®.


This free application available allows you to take your world of news with you wherever you go – in one downloadable app. TVNZ is all about accessing premier content anytime, anywhere on any screen. TVNZ iPhone application synchs via your mobile network or WiFi and downloads the latest news, sport, weather and TV listings direct to your device. Features include up to the minute news from ONE News, including instant access to breaking news, national, world, business, sport and entertainment news. It also has comprehensive weather information, including regional forecasts plus up-to-date four-day TV schedule, covering all TVNZ channels plus TV3, C4, Maori TV and Prime.


“User feedback has been really positive, people have said it’s a better news app than other big news organisations one’s like CNN and that it’s an impressive use of the iPhone/iPod touch platform, so we’re really happy with the way it’s gone so far”, says TVNZ’s Business Manager of Emerging and Social Platforms, Sophie Lyon.

TVNZ’s Head of Marketing and Digital Media, Jason Paris says, “this application leverages the best of two great brands – Apple and TVNZ – to deliver a fantastic customer experience and deliver news to Kiwis wherever they are. It’s yet another example that TVNZ is New Zealand’s leading TV and digital media company.”

The TVNZ iPhone application matches the look and feel of web site also developed and launched by Aim Proximity late last year see blog posting here. The TVNZ IPhone app is fast and easy to use and when connected to Wifi has a series of video podcasts to experience.


Twitter usage worldwide increases and so do the number of tweets from me!

31st May, 2009

There is so much great digital work coming out of the Clemenger Group in both Australia and New Zealand at the moment I’m finding it a tad difficult deciding what to feature and post on my blog to end May. So to get around this problem I have decided to just past my last two weeks of tweaks that are work related and make it easy for myself. Done, night!

Proximity Sydney image Gillette “Firsts”

‘This site would have been very helpful when I was 14 years old, great P&G work’ PM May 31th from web
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne / eservices image WSPA Campaign

‘End the intolerable cruelty of live sheep export, by joining the human chain’ PM May 30th from web
Colenso 99 image Air NZ ‘Nothing 2 Hide

‘Makes the world’s top 10 Viral Video Ad Campaigns Chart measured on a True Reach™ PM May 28th from TweetDeck
Aim Proximity & Colenso BBDO image Yellow Pages, Yellow Treehousewrapped Aim & Colenso have won the prestigious Platinum Award @ Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards 4 YellowTreehouse

8:44 PM May 27th from TweetDeck

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne image M&M’s Colour Breakup

after a public break up that separated the colours 1 of the M&M’S decided enough was enough’ PM May 25th from TweetDeck
Clemenger BBDO Sydney image Vodafone Australia ‘One Day

’Make the most of now, because ‘one day’ isn’t a day in the future.’

9:13 PM May 25th from TweetDeck
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne image Lord Title & Inheritance with Sorbent.

‘Keep with a gentle experience & trying to win an official Lord Title & Inheritance with Sorbent. Why rough it? ‘ PM May 25th from TweetDeck
Aim Proximity Auckland image TVNZ Entertainment Website‘Now live best live stream entertainment site in NZ, congrats to TVNZ Emerging Business & Technology teams & Aim Proximity’

10:00 AM May 21st from TweetDeck

Aim Proximity Auckland image Air NZ Score a Plane‘Score a Plane for you and your mates to the Wallabies VS. All Blacks game’

1:18 AM May 20th from TweetDeck

AIM Proximity Wellington image ACC Practice‘Adobe Site of the Day, check it out’

4:45 PM May 19th from TweetDeck
Colenso BBDO image Auckland Tourism
Big Little City web site launches
‘Adventure anytime in Auckland. Great work Auckland Council & Colenso’

9:34 PM May 18th from TweetDeck

Colenso BBDO image Frucor INK Energy‘Ink is in my veins and I now have an absence of fear’

6:33 PM May 15th from web

The Practice, a program to help you learn to drive.

image image

5th April, 2009

Aim Proximity Wellington have launched a new online program called the ‘Practice’ a joint project with NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and ACC Insurance. The NZTA is a Crown entity established to bring together the functions of Land Transport New Zealand and Transit New Zealand to provide an integrated approach to transport planning, funding and delivery. The ACC provide comprehensive, no-fault personal injury insurance cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand.

Practice is a practical driving programme to help New Zealand learner drivers pass the restricted test
It’s about getting you out on the road, driving. It’s structured, it’s easy and it’s completely free.


This project is the evolution of a predominately offline program into an online engagement platform. Drivers work in conjunction with their “Guide” (licensed drivers) to complete the lessons. Mechanics for the logging of hours/Guide approvals/etc are all part of this system.

Ongoing measurement of engagement and interaction will help Aim Proximity build and improve the system over time – including the use of incentives and and time/behaviour based triggers to incent engagement. Administrative functions allow the client to directly edit/change details themselves and manage outbound direct marketing campaigns.


The Practice is culmination of almost a years work and is a great example of cross-agency integration for AIM Proximity Wellington, Clemenger BBDO Wellington, and Affinity ID. There were three rounds of 3rd party focus group testing that consistently validated the agencies strategy, creative, and functionality.

A special mention must go to Stephen Horner the designer/developer/animator/3D artist/usability tester/voice talent/client friend/late night and weekend fixture. Every component of this project has been influenced by his dedication and hard work . Full list of credits below;

Head of Digital Strategy

Douglas Lin

Account Team

Daniela De Falco
Diana Waterson


Michael Hauschild
Jo Gilchrist


Brett Hoskin
Terry Williams-Willcock
Stephen Horner
Marc Broad
Mike Gwyther
Phil Gordine


Mirko May
Ian Hulme
Damen Hansen
Anu Kumanan
Chong Li
Karen Looker
Rachel Chen

Simone Eathorne
Rob Bakker
Simon Pohlen

Get the Secret this Valentine’s Day with Warehouse


Get the Secret this Valentine’s Day
Warehouse Promotion
12 February, 2009

The Warehouse is one of New Zealand’s largest retailers, known and loved by Kiwis for its wide range of products from clothing, entertainment, technology and music to sporting, gardening, grocery and many other products.

Warehouse is where everyone gets a bargin and this Valentines Day not only do they offer a great range of Valentine gift ideas we are also helping guys get all the brownie points with their partner on Valentine’s Day without doing any of the hard yards through a new promotional web site called Get the Secret.

image      image

Here we allow guys to claim they have gone to great lengths to make their lady’s day special, when in fact we’ve done all of the work.


The campaign is created by Aim Proximity with a personalised web experience that is triggered by an ad in the New Zealand Herald newspaper.

The ad is actually an AR code (see left) that will set off an amazing experience on their computer. 

On Valentine’s Day, guys grab the ad, grab their gal and, through our site, show her everything he has done for her.

The website combines AR (Augmented Reality), Papervision 3d and Flash technologies. via the webcam, the Flash reads the AR Code and overlays a 3d animation (which is built using Papervision), which includes a personalized message.


The personalized message has been saved previously into a database via the web site by the user.  We think it’s great as it combines traditional media with the very latest digital technology to give the guy and girl a great experience and get people thinking that The Warehouse really does give guys everything they need for Valentine’s.

Congratulations to the team at Aim Proximity.

Creative Leads
Dave King
Aaron Goldring

Account Service
Jose Alomajan – Digital Business Director
Matt Pickering – Group Account Director
Karen Boulton – Account Manager
Patrick Rowley – Account Executive

Amanda Theobald – Digital Producer
Andrew Simpson – Senior Digital Producer

Jason Vertongen – Senior Digital Designer
Kyle Morris – Senior Digital Designer
Shanan Goldring – Senior Digital Designer
Steve Anderson – Senior Writer
Theunis Groenewald – Digital Designer

Ian Hulme – Technology Planner
Robin Southgate – Digital Developer/Designer
Cameron Crosby – Digital Developer
Bruno Imbrizi – Digital Developer
Robbie Boyd – Digital Developer

Glen McMillan – General Manager
Bobby Lee – Developer
Minoru Moore – Developer

V Tricked Out, Trick it, Race it, Win it

February 19th, 2009

The V Republic $100K cash drop went mental a few months back, so we thought we’d do it all again in an all new V promotion called V Tricked out, check out the trailer below;

V Tricked Out is  a follow up program to the very successful brand participation game we ran last October on V Republic called ‘V $100 Cash Drop”. ‘V Tricked Out’ is a four month production between Frucor, Colenso and Aim Proximity Pulse (experiential group). It’s goal is to engage V drinkers on a daily basis, register new members, sell more product via a community challenge and a chance to win a tricked out V car, a 98 Nissan Skyline R34 and a ridiculous number of weekly prizes .

It combines both online (virtual high race game), offline events (V Four and Rotary car events) and the purchase of V product to unlock unique codes to participate in the program. The idea, game design and production was developed at Colenso BBDO with some support from some top end New Zealand post production facilities.

The V car is simple to drive, you put your foot to the floor and keep the car on the road. Buy cans and bottles of Green or Black V for extra Nitrous boosts. You have to use your Nitrous carefully or they could put you into a wall or sand trap. Modify your car to suit your style of driving and go hard.


  image  image

  image   image

Client: Frucor
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Digital Creative Director Aaron Turk
Account Lead Scott Coldham
Lead Game Developers David Colquhoun and Matthew Crosswell
Digital Design Simon Koay
Web Services and Hosting Minoru Moore
Senior Producer Haydn Thomsen

TVNZ launches all new online news service today

11 December 2008

Television New Zealand launches a new online news service today –  It is the culmination of 12 months of hard work by the TVNZ Emerging Business, Technology and News teams as well as Aim Proximity in Auckland. 

The Tipu Ake project as we have called it is about providing a comprehensive interactive service across all genres, and the launch of the online news service today is just the first step.   Rick Ellis, Chief Executive Office of TVNZ said ‘The launch is a major milestone in the companies journey to Inspire New Zealanders On Every Screen.  Our digital news service now matches the calibre of our on-air News, offering the in-depth coverage and commentary of News, Sport and Weather that New Zealanders expect from TVNZ. The next phase is an exceptional new entertainment site, and you will see that in the second half of 2009.  The Autumn roll out will include a new high definition on demand service in association with Disney, Warner Brothers, Granada and New Zealand’s local production community, which we believe will redefine broadband entertainment in this territory.’

image image

Head of emerging business Jason Paris says TVNZ’s OneNews and TVNZondemand sites have been folded into a "completely redesigned", which will have beefed-up news coverage, aiming to take on Stuff, and YahooXtra. The state broadcaster earns annual revenues in the "low millions" from online advertising and from selling programmes online. "Our target is to double revenues every year for the next three years," Mr Paris said, noting TVNZ has a dual mandate.

"As a public broadcaster we need to make sure our content is available where and when New Zealanders want it."But at the same time online is a big commercial opportunity for us. It is the media that is having the most significant year-on-year growth.

Help Tracy build a Yellow Treehouse

image   image
Yellow™ part of Yellow Pages Group™ has been constantly innovating to become more relevant, more competitive, and to have an entirely new relationship with New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses.
Today, people have so many choices and so little time, it’s harder than ever to get the right information – unless you know where to find it. That’s why New Zealanders look to Yellow ™ to find the answers, quickly and easily, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Yellow asked Colenso BBDO and Aim Proximity to develop a marketing program that could demonstrates how Yellow acts as conduit between a community of New Zealand businesses and a community of people looking for a relationship with New Zealand businesses.

We looked further into this proposition and found that every day, four million New Zealanders set out on four million different missions. Some of them are little missions, like a mission to find a friend whose number you wrote on a piece of paper that got accidentally vacuumed up. Or to find the address of that place you heard made a really good lamb pie. Some of them are big missions as well like a mission to choose the right builder to turn your house into your dream home. To find the parts you need to complete the restoration of the car your grandfather left you.

We found that Yellow has a wonderful value exchange that could direct New Zealanders toward the person they’re after. Toward the thing they’re looking for. Toward the right decision. Quickly and easily, whoever, whatever, wherever and whenever it may be.

The Yellow Treehouse program is all about putting Yellow to the test. Tracey, like everyone, has a mission, hers is to build a restaurant in a tree. The test is that she can only use the Yellow Pages, and Yellow Mobile to do it. She’ll need to find architects, builders, restaurant suppliers – everything using just Yellow. Even though it’s a brand campaign you can only take the planning so far – what happens from one day to the next can change very quickly.

image      image 


Launch TVC 30 seconds


We are very confident Tracey and Yellow™ are up to the challenge. As with any building project there may be some compromises made along the way but that’s up to Tracey to manage with support from us and Yellow™ of course. Check her progress daily at

UPDATE – December 18th, 2008

The high life … naturally

NZ Herald
Thursday Dec 18, 2008
By Alanah May Eriksen


The tree house restaurant sits ten metres above the ground in a redwood tree. Photo / Mike Reihana

Table for four? Certainly … just mind the branches.

A restaurant 10m up a tree is something different in dining out, even if it is part of a marketing campaign. The Yellow Tree House, north of Auckland, is a chrysalis-shaped structure on a privately owned redwood forest plantation off State Highway 1 between Puhoi and Warkworth. It was created in 66 days as part of a marketing project for the Yellow Pages.The 10m-wide, 12m-high hut seats 18 people on split-level floors.

Diners enter the hut over a 60m walkway.For $125, they get a three-course meal and a glass of bubbly. The restaurant is also open at lunch time, at $95 a head. Guests will be hosted by the face of the Yellow Pages campaign, Tracey Collins. The restaurant will be open from January 9 to February 9, but bookings will be cancelled if it rains or winds are too high. The restaurant has taken 500 bookings since Monday, and Yellow Pages says the season may be extended.

60 second TVC on air January 2009

Te Papa Museum: Get into our space : Mobile and iPhone Extensions


Te Papa
Aim Wellington
23rdSeptember, 2008

Te Papa museum in Wellington has a goal to preserve and present the taonga (treasures) of the New Zealand people. The museum attempts to interpret the heritage of New Zealand for national and international audiences, by helping establish New Zealand’s place in the world through contextualising their heritage within the heritage of other cultures.

Te Papa’s this month launched an exciting new addition and multimedia experience called Our Space. The goal was to create an interactive exhibition where the visitor could create and experience their vision of New Zealand via new, state-of-the-art interactive displays. Visitors could come along with the opportunity to mix it, own it, and share a piece of New Zealand history. Interactive features included the opportunity to walk on The Map and trigger New Zealand into action. Get the adrenalin pumping with The High Ride and log onto The Wall and leave your mark on a giant artistic interface.


Aim Proximity on seeing these Interactive displays wanted to be involved and came up with an idea called ‘Get into Our Space’. Basically it was an idea to get New Zealanders to experience and start the Our Space exhibition before you even got near the museum. We wanted to do this by putting your into historical New Zealand scenes and allows them to save and share those space images with friends and family.


To promote the idea and web site we decided to put ‘green screen’ bus shelters around Wellington, which allowed people walking past to take a photo of themselves using their mobile phone. By sending this image taken to a number shown, you would receive your photo back showing you in a totally different yet historically familiar space.


Users could upload an image to the official website, where they could then put themselves into one of a number of NZ historical scenes. We basically attempted to turn visual static history into something that you can interact with.

We also developed an iPhone application to support the web site and promote the event. On downloading the application to your iPhone you could select photos from your photo library or take a new one using the in built camera. You then could select one of the historical Our Space images and morph yourself into the scene.

.image            image

Client Te Papa Museum
Agency: Aim Wellington
Head of Digital Creative Terry Willcock
Strategy Lead Douglas Lin
iPhone Developer Peter Watling