Help Tracy build a Yellow Treehouse

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Yellow™ part of Yellow Pages Group™ has been constantly innovating to become more relevant, more competitive, and to have an entirely new relationship with New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses.
Today, people have so many choices and so little time, it’s harder than ever to get the right information – unless you know where to find it. That’s why New Zealanders look to Yellow ™ to find the answers, quickly and easily, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Yellow asked Colenso BBDO and Aim Proximity to develop a marketing program that could demonstrates how Yellow acts as conduit between a community of New Zealand businesses and a community of people looking for a relationship with New Zealand businesses.

We looked further into this proposition and found that every day, four million New Zealanders set out on four million different missions. Some of them are little missions, like a mission to find a friend whose number you wrote on a piece of paper that got accidentally vacuumed up. Or to find the address of that place you heard made a really good lamb pie. Some of them are big missions as well like a mission to choose the right builder to turn your house into your dream home. To find the parts you need to complete the restoration of the car your grandfather left you.

We found that Yellow has a wonderful value exchange that could direct New Zealanders toward the person they’re after. Toward the thing they’re looking for. Toward the right decision. Quickly and easily, whoever, whatever, wherever and whenever it may be.

The Yellow Treehouse program is all about putting Yellow to the test. Tracey, like everyone, has a mission, hers is to build a restaurant in a tree. The test is that she can only use the Yellow Pages, and Yellow Mobile to do it. She’ll need to find architects, builders, restaurant suppliers – everything using just Yellow. Even though it’s a brand campaign you can only take the planning so far – what happens from one day to the next can change very quickly.

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Launch TVC 30 seconds


We are very confident Tracey and Yellow™ are up to the challenge. As with any building project there may be some compromises made along the way but that’s up to Tracey to manage with support from us and Yellow™ of course. Check her progress daily at

UPDATE – December 18th, 2008

The high life … naturally

NZ Herald
Thursday Dec 18, 2008
By Alanah May Eriksen


The tree house restaurant sits ten metres above the ground in a redwood tree. Photo / Mike Reihana

Table for four? Certainly … just mind the branches.

A restaurant 10m up a tree is something different in dining out, even if it is part of a marketing campaign. The Yellow Tree House, north of Auckland, is a chrysalis-shaped structure on a privately owned redwood forest plantation off State Highway 1 between Puhoi and Warkworth. It was created in 66 days as part of a marketing project for the Yellow Pages.The 10m-wide, 12m-high hut seats 18 people on split-level floors.

Diners enter the hut over a 60m walkway.For $125, they get a three-course meal and a glass of bubbly. The restaurant is also open at lunch time, at $95 a head. Guests will be hosted by the face of the Yellow Pages campaign, Tracey Collins. The restaurant will be open from January 9 to February 9, but bookings will be cancelled if it rains or winds are too high. The restaurant has taken 500 bookings since Monday, and Yellow Pages says the season may be extended.

60 second TVC on air January 2009

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