Self Destruct wins Gold at Clio and One Show in Interactive Categories

June 1, 2008

A Deadline Couriers billboard made New Zealand advertising history in 2007 when it exploded in a 6-metre fireball in Auckland’s CBD.  Crowds gathered to watch the Nelson Street billboard’s digital clock countdown the last few seconds to 6pm. A web cam at the Deadline Couriers website provided a live video feed of the billboard counting down and the subsequent explosion.

Self Destruct by Colenso BBDO

Colenso_Deadline_Billboard Colenso_Deadline_Billboard2

The exploding billboard was used to reinforce the brand promise of Deadline Couriers – when we give you a time we mean it. Leading New Zealand pyrotechnics company FilmFX & Rollercoaster Design, who worked on the feature film Nania, was used to create the explosion which occurred in a number of stages. When the clock hit zero the billboard self-destructed in an explosion created by nitramine dry powder, strobe grenades and smoke bombs.

This campaign has received several Asia Pacific awards including a Gold at the Spike Awards and Best in Show titles at New Zealand’s Axis awards. With the International award shows now kicking into gear for 2008 it would the work is starting to be talk about as an excellent example of a marketing program that is both interactive and participatory. Two awards of note include;

The Clio Awards which is one of the world’s most recognized global awards competition for advertising, design, and interactive. For nearly five decades, the Clio Awards has maintained its original commitment to celebrate and reward creative excellence, honoring a powerful form of communication and its impact on modern culture. At the same time, the Clio Awards remains focused on evolving with the industry in order to acknowledge the most current, breakthrough work.

Clio_logo Grand Clio Billboard
Gold Clio – Billboard
Gold Clio – Innovative Media
Bronze Clio – Interactive

Another award is the One Club for Art & Copy is the united States foremost organization for the recognition and promotion of excellence in advertising. Founded in 1975 and based in New York City, The One Club produces three annual awards competitions: The One Show, One Show Design and One Show Interactive, which culminate in awards ceremonies held in New York City each May.

Now in its eleventh year, One Show Interactive is evidence of The One Club’s long standing dedication to recognizing good creative work within digital media.

OneShow_logo Gold – Other Interactive Digital Media
Merit – Innovative

Both of these International award shows have awarded the Self Destruct Billboard campaign in both billboard, interactive and innovative media award categories. It should be noted that the Interactive category is defined as any form of interface between the end user/audience and the medium is considered interactive. Interactive media is not limited to electronic media or digital media. Board games, pop-up books, gamebooks, flip books and constellation wheels are all examples of printed interactive media.

It’s wonderful seeing the advertising work that uses both online and real world as an interactive marketing platform. Congratulations to all involved at Colenso and fingers crossed Canne Awards feel the same.


Client: Deadline Express Couriers
Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
Art Director: Josh Lancaster, Jamie Hitchcock
Designer: Simon Redwood
Copywriter: Jamie Hitchcock, Josh Lancaster
Agency Producer: , Paul Courtney
Interactive Producer: Rebecca Holt,
Production Company: Rollercoaster Design,
Producer: Greg Skinner,
Interactive Creative: , Mark Addy
Media Strategist: Andrew Reinholds

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