AdTech Shanghai: TALK: The Evolving Chinese Consumer Landscape

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The Chinese Family Balancing Act

• Today’s Chinese families struggle with creating the perfect equilibrium between traditional family values and the modern world.

• They make it a point to often focus on health and low-tech activities to counterbalance the demands of being “always on.”

• In China 63% of parents believe their children don’t spend enough time outdoors. In the US is 34%.

• Online activities pursued as a family may include sharing photos, listening to music, playing games, instant messaging with common friends or relatives, or watching video.

• Of Chinese respondents, 59% watch streaming video online (vs. 25% globally), and 39% compete in online games (vs. 8% globally).

• Marketers need to be sensitive to representing alternate family scenarios and learn how to best reach and engage with different family types.

• Marketers need to better understand household decision making and where appropriate employ behavioral targeting to reach key constituents.

• One critical trend on Chinese families is the element of the “openness” of parents to input from their children and desire to have open communication.

• One of the reasons that more Chinese people are feeling closer to their families is their increased ability to stay in touch. This has an impact on big ticket buying decisions.

• Marketers should offer products which help improve personal efficiency or focus on relaxation to tap in to the desire for equilibrium.

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