McDonald’s Australia: 2006 Recognition and Awards


McDonald’s Australia recognise their responsibility to help customers enjoy their food as part of a balanced diet. Tribal DDB Sydney developed a new corporate website in early 2006 to extend the media reach and deliver a relevant and rewarding brand experience that reflects the spirit and values of McDonald’s. Our objective was to develop a web presence to help customers make informed food choices. The website contains nutritional breakdowns of our entire regular menu as well as some important facts about the McDonald’s food.

mcdonalds_1 mcdonalds_2

During the year we have gone on and won the following local and international awards for the web site. Congratulations to the Tribal DDB / McDonald’s team.

AME_Awards_2997_m Clio_Awards_2998_m D&AD_Awards_2999_m award_fab_image_488_m
2006 Finalist Brand Web Site
Clio Awards
2006 Finalist Fresh Approach
D&AD Awards
2006 Finalist
FAB Awards
2006 Winner. The Retailers
award_aimia_image_817_m award_monteux_images_483_m newyork_1172_m webaward_image_963_m
Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association
2005 Finalist in ‘Best Corporate or B2B’
Golden Award Montreux
2006 Gold Medal Winner: Brand Promotion
New York Festivals
2006 Finalist: Corporate Image/Information
Web Awards
2006 Winner: Restaurant Standard of Excellence

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