SatCom 2004: MULTICAST TECHOLOGY “Programming to Attract and Hold Audience”


TALK: Revolutionising Advertising and Media
September 2004


The next ten years will be marked by the rise of multicast branded digital content whereby advertisers either create or distribute entertainment to woo consumers and create credibility. Ultimately digital advertising will offer more entertainment variety than television. For the under-40 age group the Internet will become the primary media experience by 2008.

This talk looked at how advertising and media programming is changing the way we communicate messages to our customers. The new future digital advertising programs will offer a combination of great content, excitement, fun, education and interaction.

Advertisers will have to learn to focus on these elements in their messages. Mobility of tools such as mobile phones, pagers and personal organisers will make it possible to be accessed anywhere, anytime, any place.

There is nowhere to hide. With this revolution in advertising comes the opportunity for companies to use digital multicast technology to market and bond their customers around the brand, using a distinctive interactive voice that helps customers develop a more personal relationship with the business.

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