Tribal DDB Sydney wins Gold at Montreux


Tribal DDB Sydney has won the prestigious Gold Award in the category of Brand Promotion website at the 2004 Montreux Advertising & Multimedia Festival in Switzerland for their brilliantly creative and innovative work on the Golf R32 microsite for Volkswagen.

Volkswagen is a great client that allowed us to take them out of their comfort zone on this job. The Golf R32 is such a unique model requiring differentiation from the rest of the Volkswagen range, not to mention its competitors. They have afforded us the opportunity to be extremely creative in terms of the driver journey along the road to purchase.


The Volkswagen Golf R32 is a limited edition 3 door hatch with incredible power and performance characteristics – the most powerful Volkswagen Golf ever built.

As part of a fully integrated launch campaign, Tribal DDB produced an ’emosite’ that created a tangible, interactive experience out of the sporty, sexy, individual drive offered by the car. Speed, performance, style and integration are present in everything from loading to content delivery.

The site uses a blend of flash animation and studio shots compiled by Tribal DDB. A video from Volkswagen AG is also incorporated to give the site more ‘rev-head’ appeal.

The emosite takes the viewer on a complete performance journey, outlining all the car’s features and specs, allowing the driver to appreciate the virtual power of the engine.

This same work was a finalist in the British D&AD Awards, Interactive & Digital Media ‘Automotive Sector’. Tribal DDB Volkswagen Touareg CD-ROM for Volkswagen was a finalist in the Promotional Advertising category of the One Show Festival.

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