Roogenic Medicinal Bushfoods Have Never Been More Accessible and Delicious

Internationally, superfoods have grown into multi-billion dollar industries, while Australian superfoods have remained largely untapped.

That is, until Roogenic launched and started making effective wellness products that addressed the top health concerns of consumers globally. And it’s worked.

At Roogenic, they passionately support wild-harvest farming practices to help encourage Indigenous employment, Indigenous land care initiatives and the sharing of traditional culture between generations.

Roogenic believe in celebrating Indigenous culture every day and proudly donate part profits from every sale to community.

The company has been profitable for the last 4 years while supporting our Indigenous First Nation partners. This success has come from you, the 800 retailers & 150,000 customers who have benefited from Roogenic’s products.

Roogenic partners with naturopaths to create delicious teas and tonics that offer effective natural remedies for sleep, gut health, inflammation and more.

The medicinal bushfoods included in each blend are wildly harvested or organically grown and all-natural, sustainably sourced from Indigenous communities and small farmers across Australia. After experiencing the potent health benefits of Australian bushfoods, our customers have become passionate brand advocates, culminating in over 8,000+ five-star reviews.

Roogenic operates a successful multi-channel business model with an established presence in e-commerce, retail and national and international wholesale distribution.

Roogenic purposefully have multiple customer touch points, making our products accessible in-store and online.

Today, customers can find their favourite Roogenic products and discover new Roogenic offerings online and in over 800 retailers, including Myer and supermarkets in Singapore and Japan.

From the beginning this investment has been set out to build a community, not a customer base. By providing a personable brand experience with interactive content, our social media following has grown to over 90,000 people and an email database is now at over 50,000 subscribers.

In 2021, the wellness industry was valued at US$4.75 trillion with an annual growth rate of 6.4% but had little representation from Australian bushfood companies despite there being strong demand.

At Roogenic, we plan to work with more International distributors to improve the health of millions of people worldwide with Australian bushfoods. With your support, we can continue to work with Indigenous growers and manufacture new product ranges with unique health benefits that we can take to the rest of the world.

Visit Roogenic here

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