Bunsters – The Global Hot Sauce Phenomenon Now Makes Cocktails

In 2012 Renae Bunster squeezed in 13 different fruit and veggies in to one bottle of hot sauce and irrevocably changed the condiment landscape.

Since launching off of the back of a good old fashioned crowd funding campaign in 2015, raising $250,000 Bunsters just keeps kicking goals.

Bunsters’ Shit the Bed sauce has been a number-one seller on Amazon in the States, and it’s on the shelves in some 600 independent supermarkets in Australia.

They’ve doubled their hot sauce offering, done a sell out Peanut Butter Collaboration and come up with an entirely new direction for the company in a booming segment: A subscription based Ready to Drink Cocktail Club launching this month.

Bunsters core product range is constantly expanding with fresh creations and collaborations with other brands. The same relentless pursuit of quality is being applied to their ready-to-drink cocktail range.

Fans were blown away as no one had ever put this much care and attention into the flavour, packaging and branding of a hot sauce before. Fast forward 10 years later and Bunsters is doing it again, but in two separate booming industries that have seen massive growth off the back of COVID:

There’s nothing in the world like Bunsters Cocktail Club. Fresh, delicious, fully Australian made classic cocktails in a can, delivered to your door every month.

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