Introducing auric, the world’s first beautiful, connected, and personalized essential oils experience.

auric logo

The world has fallen into the trap of constant ‘doing.’ We’re forever busy with work, family life, and digital distractions. We’ve forgotten the importance of being still, mindful, and present.

21st & Dolores, my personal business venture, has spent the last twelve months with an experiment called Connection Oils exploring how natural organic essential oils combined with technology can help create well-being, alertness, relationship connection, and stillness.

The result of this work has created auric, the world’s first beautiful, connected, and personalized essential oils experience.

auric is a platform, a digital defusing device for your home that combines essential oils and experiences, a daily sequenced playlist for your senses to cleanse the mind, purify the body and give you the high awareness required to create intimacy with others.

auric’s beautiful range of essential oil blends are designed to give you what you need at the right moment, and are activated and sequenced via our mobile app.

To be part of the auric community or be part of the second-round investment of the platform click here.

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