Goodbye Telstra Media, it’s been a brilliant connected experience


This is my last full time week at Telstra.

It has been a true privilege to establish the Digital Content Services portfolio within Telstra Media over the last four years.

Thank you to my immediate team, my cross Telstra colleagues, as well as all our media and technology partners and supplies. Below is a short three minute show reel of this most incredible ride in my career.

Digital transformation is my passion and has become my career expertise and I plan to get back into some more after a summer break.

The reinvention of business practices to derive the maximum value from digital technologies such as social media, cloud computing, mobile technology and big data analytics combined with brand engagement, experience and compelling content is my passion.

Connected Life, meaningful Big and Small Data, VR and Customer with an obsession to create a digital offering that engages clients through bleeding edge technology to stay current in a rapidly changing world sounds like my type of next challenge.

What I do know is their is an increasingly debated topic #DigitalTransformation , as executives watch long-established companies being disrupted by competitors with advanced digital customer led capabilities.

If you have a brief or a business problem in customer experience and need some assistance to correct this in 2016 do let me know. My personal email is and my blog link with all my LinkedIn profile and social media connections can be found here

Happy holidays


Adam Good

Director Digital Media & Content
Telstra Media

Level 13, 400 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
M  +61 418 812 515

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