The much-anticipated Foxtel iQ3 set top box


Foxtel’s iQ3 set top box is making a big splash at Telstra. With the iQ3, there’s always something brilliant for you to watch. Connect this little beauty to the internet and you’ll find it easy to enjoy more of what you love. The standard iQ3 set top box has a 1-terabyte hard drive tthat can record 172 hours of content in high definition resolution.



iQ3 is Foxtel’s first national set top box. The iQ3 is a true ‘hybrid’ set top box, seamlessly blending broadcast and IP and your recorded content integrated.

With full internet connectivity, including WiFi, the iQ3 also opens up new internet-based capabilities including richer applications and improved serviceability.

A new TV Guide, search and intelligent recommendations, and simplified navigation helps people discover what’s best for them while allowing them to watch what they want, when they want.

Foxtel IQ3 Interface

It’s not just a brand new box. It’s a brand new head in, it’s a brand new platform. The whole architecture is designed to make it very easy to upgrade things in the future and to keep it as flexible as possible.

It can record three shows simultaneously while a fourth is being watched; however, inside it are eight television tuners, and this means it will be used to deliver new features over time.

The redesigned bluetooth remote control has large navigational- and menu-buttons, which will double as a trackpad. The platform has been designed ready for the national broadband network such as ultra high definition content delivery.

Foxtel’s iQ3 gains several notable features. Shows half-way through a television broadcast can be seamlessly restarted over a video-on-demand stream. The television guide can display programs aired in the previous 24 hours and those that are in the upcoming 24 hours. Applications contextual to television shows can be downloaded, and a ‘Trending’ subheading summarises which television shows across Australia are the most popular in five minute intervals.


The set top box has been redesigned. The only physical button is a power button. Capacative keys glow blue anytime a hand nears and then dim when not in use. The iQ3 works over Wi-Fi and or can be plugged directly into a modem-router using an Ethernet cable. Other connection types include Wi-Fi direct, HDMI, USB and an optical output.

New and existing customers can order an iQ3 starting at $125. For more details click here.

Key features:

•Record up to three subscription TV shows at once while watching another live program

•Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to simplify installation

•Much more recording space with up to 145 hours of HD recording

•10x faster processor

•Ten tuners, integrating 8 subscription and 2 free-to-air terrestrial tuners

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