X Media Lab, Australia Masterclass Series “Creative Leadership Edition”

xml-logoX Media Lab is the internationally acclaimed creative industries event which creates a meeting place uniquely designed to assist companies and people in getting their own creative ideas successfully to market, through concept development, business matching, and direct access to world-class networks of creative professionals. The “X” in X Media Lab stands for cross-platform, cross-disciplinary, and cross-cultural.

X Media Lab began at the Sydney Opera House in June 2003 and has gone on to deliver over 60 events in 14 countries in 20 of the world’s great digital media cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Mumbai, London, Bath, Amsterdam, Basel, Malmö, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Auckland, Wellington, and Los Angeles.

Celebrating its 10th year, X Media Lab, Australia in partnership with VIVID, UNSW College of Fine Art, and the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) produced the KR8V Masterclass Series “Creative Leadership Edition” and I was asked to be a mentor and keynote speaker. I was delighted to be involved.

What I have always found with each X Media Lab I have attended is it to be completely unique event where people with original digital media ideas connect with a superb international network of independent creative thinkers, technology wizards, commercialization experts, potential business partners, and potential financial resources to focus on how these ideas can be brought to market.

The talk I gave was on Creative Leadership and how we at Telstra approach our planning and our immediate media future around customer demands. (See below)

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