More Video On Demand coming to screen near you says Ooyala Video Index

OoyalaAs more people view more video content on their smartphones, tablets, and connected devices, there is no doubt the audience for online video will be greater than that viewing traditional TV sometime in the next five years.

According to Nielsen VideoCensus March 2013, 11.5 million Australians streamed online videos during March this year and viewed a total of 1.77 billion streams, spending something like 5.02 billion minutes to stream the content.

This shift in behaviour will drive innovation in programming with new formats for content production and distribution and this is something we are focussed on at Telstra Media. To help us deliver to this customer demand Telstra invested $35 million in Ooyala the US-based IPTV video company in late 2012.

Ooyala is a leading innovator in premium video publishing, analytics and monetization and provides end-to-end internet video technology services for its customers, which include media companies like ESPN and Bloomberg.

Its services include an IP streaming player, content management systems and storage. The jewel in Ooyala’s crown is its sophisticated analytics engine that gives valuable insights into how videos are being consumed. Ooyala’s technology sun w the start of 2013 has been weaved into our current IPTV offerings across T-Box and the Digital Content Services products and portfolio.

Besides the video delivery technology Ooyala provides it also reveals unique insights and this month a special edition of its quarterly Global Video Index was produced that revealed the most recent trends in multi-screen video consumption from broadcasters and entertainment networks around the world.

The findings spotlight dramatic differences in time spent with live content compared to video-on-demand (VOD) and prime time online viewing hours compared to traditional TV.

The report provides a snapshot, taken in March 2013, that demonstrates the continuing shift of premium content from the constraints of traditional distribution to the burgeoning cross-device landscape, driven by the ubiquity of video-capable connected devices. The insights in the report can help content distribution companies better understand consumption to inform content and advertising strategies.

Ooyala’s ability to apply analytics to increase revenue through improved discovery, personalization, and overall viewer engagement has garnered the company a partner portfolio consisting of major broadcasters and entertainment companies, including ESPN, Bloomberg and of course our team at Telstra Media.


The Global Video Index: Broadcaster Edition is available for download at Highlights include:

— People tune into live video 2.5 times longer than VOD content on broadcast and entertainment networks
— Prime viewing hours for online broadcast content is noon on weekdays and 9PM on weekends
— Tablet viewing spikes on weekends, when viewers spend twice as much time watching video from broadcasters online
— More than 75 percent of time spent watching mobile video in March was with long-form content
— Nearly half of all tablet video consumption was with video at least 30 minutes in length

With video now being consumed across multiple devices and the resulting audience fragmentation, it is more important than ever for advertisers and content providers to understand the viewing behaviors of their audiences to increase view-related revenue by algorithmically recommending highly relevant content.

Exciting times are ahead.

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