SportsFan, you’ll never miss an important game again

SportsFan_LogoWe agree that too much sport is never enough. There is a lot of sport on your plate in Australia and around the world for that matter and we understand it can be hard keeping up with it all.

The mentality of the Australian sports fan is often such that they will experience a game, or event while living vicariously through players or teams whom the fan favours.

So to deliver to this very personal taste Telstra Media has produced an exciting four screen sport assistance utility called SportsFan that follows the excitement level of your favourite sport and alerts you once it heats up.

In fact you’ll never miss an important sporting event with the all-new SportsFan web, mobile, IPTV and smartphone app experience. SportsFran Game Tracker technology will alert you when your favourite sport heats up. Set it to alert you when the games moves from “OK” to “Good”, only once it gets “Hot”, or only when it reaches “Epic” status.


You can also get alerts at Game Start, at every Score Change, or at Game End. The people must be heard: simply hit the BOOST button to contribute to the game’s excitement rating. Of course. Simply hit the STAR icon on your favourite team page to readily access their games. Full news coverage to keep you in-the-know, including analysis and opinion from SportsFan’s The Lowdown.


Get video on demand from SportsFan’s brand new sports chat show, The Clubhouse. Hosted by Bill Woods and featuring an all-star support cast of Matt Burke, Brad Fittler, Brad Seymour, Renee Gartner and Mieke Buchan, The Clubhouse provides sports news that’s fun to be around.

Catch The Clubhouse live on SportsFan TV at 8pm every Monday to Thursday, online, on your mobile, or channel 989 on your T-Box, or watch the best bits on demand at your leisure right here.

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