Wrigley Australia: The 5 feed from Clemenger BBDO Sydney stimulating your senses

18th July, 2009

image To create a new experience in an overcrowded chewing gum industry, Wrigley Australia is challenging the youth segment to take their senses to the extreme for its gum brand 5.


The challenge was connect with young people who increasingly demand digital involvement and greater creativity; “an audience that is seeking, sharing and remixing culture.”

Or as Nic Hodges Creative Director of Digital at Clemenger BBDO Sydney comments ‘It gives me immense pleasure to report that yesterday was truly a watershed moment in the history of global chewing gum advertising. Where is this water, and why did you put a shed in it, you ask?

Well, many months ago Wrigley’s came to us asking if we could take some TV ads for their new gum called 5, and put them into some banners. We said “sure, but we think we can do something way cooler. So we created The 5 Feed, a site that is all about exploration, participation, and sharing. The 5 Feed is a destination for a profusion of content around the idea of “stimulate your senses”.



Clemenger BBDO Sydney commissioned artists to create work for the new Wrigley 5. Users to the web site can download and remix this artwork, and upload it back to the site. The 5 Feed also features the brand TVCs, as well as a ‘fresh feed’ of great content from around the web.


Facebook Feed


Twitter Feed


FlickR Feed


Youtube Feed


Campaign: The 5 Feed
Client Wrigley’s Australia
Agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
Creative Director: Nic Hodges
Art Director: Craig Rozynski
Agency Producer: Pete Hadden
Digital Production House: eServices
Media agency: OMD

Exposure (tvc, print, etc): 30 second TVCs and 10 second billboards on youth-focused PayTV shows. 30 second cinema spots across a range of youth oriented films. Display advertising featuring page skins on MSN, MTV, MySpace, GamesArena, and streaming video on YouTube.

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