Vodafone Innovation Campaign: Make the most of now

July 22, 2008

This week Colenso BBDO and Aim Proximity launched for Vodafone a campaign focused on showcasing the new innovation products and services available on New Zealand’s leading network. Our communication goal was to get New Zealand customers to understand that the best technology platform in New Zealand is Vodafone’s and that Vodafone’s technology advantage means a better experience for customers and therefore better value.

image image image image
Compass Mobile TV Local Zone Mobile Internet

We wanted to start the conversation with customers in the right place, make it about the great things the Vodafone network allows you to do. Then follow through with the reason to believe being the technologically better network.

The creative brief was to speak plainly with customers and to avoid using or creating technology jargon. We wanted to showcase Vodafone as a world-leading global network.

As the creative idea developed we knew to have cut through we had to acknowledge that customers have seen previous (and less impressive) iterations of Internet and music on your mobile phone from other competitor networks. So we knew for customers to out take a strong technology superiority message we needed to prove that these are major improvements on previous iterations of mobile Internet and music as well as showcase new GPS and video calling services.

We decided we needed to have a much more involved and detailed level of engagement into the messaging. We needed to be demonstrative and interactive Which is why we recommended putting an interactive experience at the heart of the innovation communication strategy.

Our campaign idea was ‘fold’. The TV showed and demonstrated a number of Vodafone Innovations in a beautifully ‘fold in’ created TVC.

The online experience was basically to ‘fold out’ and give details of these innovation and move the target groups closer to sign up for these products and services. We developed full page roadblock rich media online advertising, the take over execution of the New Zealand Herald was a New Zealand first. All online media executions when to a dedicated Vodafone innovation hub located at the Vodafone New Zealand web site. The content goal was to be engaging, playful and participatory.

Vodafone Innovations Web Support

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