iMat Conference: TALK: The Give and Take Brand Building Online


“Interactive Marketing and Advertising Trends”
Sofitel Wentworth Hotel, Sydney
18-19 August 2005


Some highlights to the talk below;

  • How creative messaging can take a brand from being ‘just another voice’, to ‘someone consumers want to spend time with’
  • Brands are learning a new consumer language. Speak only when spoken too.
  • Today’s consumer want their online experiences with brands to be more relevant, vivid and useful.
  • Online digital advertising industry will continue to grow because of the increased digital usage and time spent by consumers.
  • There is a correlation between consumer media minutes and advertising spend. “Advertising dollars will follow the consumers”
  • For the under-40 age group in Australia, the internet will become the primary media experience in the next 2-3 years.
  • It’s now time to get thinking on how your brand can capitalise on the change of consumer behaviour to go from ‘just another voice’, to ‘someone consumers want to spend time with.

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