AIMIA: TALK: The Future of Interactive Advertising and Marketing


The Future of Interactive Advertising and Marketing Forum
June 28th, 2005

Some highlights to the talk;

  • We are shifting our media spend and focus to reach consumers where they are spending the most time
  • By 2020 80% of all media we consume will be digital
  • The Online/ Interactive Creative Revolution Has Only Just Begun
  • In an age where consumers increasingly control their media, the rules of engagement have changed.  The most successful businesses of the future will be those who compel consumers to actively seek out and demand their brand
  • The Internet is not media. Its an exchange of value between companies, customers and prospects.
  • Today’s consumer want their online experiences with brands to be more relevant, vivid and useful.
  • Future advertising using digital will blur the distinction between advertising, product information, and entertainment.

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