Kid Food 2005: TALK: Responsible Marketing: Balancing What Is Appropriate With What is Profitable

22nd of February 2005
Dockside , Sydney

kids_power      kids_food

Some highlights to the talk below;

• There is much more choice in all areas of life.

• Children undoubtedly have more power. Not only do they have their own disposable income but they also have a huge amount of influence on the purchases of the household.

• There is also a trend towards more fragmented family viewing. This is happening in an expanded media environment, with a massive explosion in the number of TV channels, comics, magazines, cinema screens, and so on. That expanded media environment now includes computers.

• Ultimately, the Internet will offer more entertainment variety than television. Mobility of tools such as cellphones, pagers and personal organisers will make it accessible anywhere, anytime, any place.

• Our children are building new global communities on the Internet and are changing the nature of their relationship with the world.

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