The Jarryd Hayne Branded Content Story

Can a man who has never played a snap of American football at the age of 27 make it in the NFL?

Jarryd Hayne bets it all to prove that he can in a new documentary produced by Telstra Media. As one of Australia’s most recognised rugby league players, he had it all. But NRL star Jarryd Hayne gave up fame and fortune to chase what seemed like an impossible dream.

1 to 38: The Jarryd Hayne Story

1 to 38

The story begins when the Paramatta Eels legend at the end of 2014 was contemplating to walk away from his $1.5 million a year to have a crack at the NFL in 2015 — despite not knowing if he would be good enough.

On the evening of 29th September 2014 at the NRL Daly M Awards, and after Jarryd walked away with a number of awards he told close friend Matt McCann, GM of Media and Sponsorship at Telstra he was going to leave rugby league to explore if he could make it in the NFL.

Jarryd was one of our current Telstra NRL ambassadors so Matt was shocked about the news. Also personally invested in him and a massive Parramatta Eels  and rugby league fan. Matt the creative strategic thinker at heart wanted to continue help him in anyway he could.

So Matt got thinking and the following day with Ryan Kaveney, GM of Sport and Entertainment at Telstra Media hatched a plan to develop a branded content business case to support Jarryd on his dream.  When Matt and Ryan told me of the idea I was immediately sold. It made good commercial sense, and was also a good fit with the Telstra brand in telling a connected human story .  The concept was worked on collaboratively with a number of key content partners and a deal struck with Jarryd and his management team.

On November 24th, 2014 we announced that Jarryd had joined Team Telstra as an official ambassador, in a partnership that will give our Australian’s and the world a unique and exclusive look at his remarkable journey during 2015. He was a winner before he started. Follow the link below for a recap of the partnership.


Now it’s March 2016, some 16 months later the untold story is ready to be told. From over 800 hours of content captured on many digital devices. Some captured directly by Jarryd. It’s great journey and the story has been produced down to an incredible 1 hour 20 minute documentary called 1 to 38: The Jarryd Hayne Story.

1 to 38 Logo

Passionately directed by Jonathan Pease who has done a wonderful job with Ryan Kaveney and follow Executive Producers John Du Vernet, Matthew Grounds and Guy Fowler. It has been beautifully cut together by Spencer Austad and narrated by radio personality Alan Jones.

It is an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at Hayne’s incredible journey – from saying goodbye to his family and former team mates to landing in LA with nowhere to live; the search for an NFL team willing to give him a go; and the highs and lows of competing in the world’s toughest sport. The announcement he was joining the San francisco 49ers streamed live at the Telstra Experience Centre.  It is raw, unprecedented access to a young man brave enough to live his dream, and a reminder to everyone that the impossible can be possible.

As well as the 1-38 documentary powered by Telstra, there is an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with 60 Minutes tonight where Hayne reveals the rollercoaster ride of his time in the National Football League in the US and what drove him to make the biggest sacrifice of his career.


Jarryd will return to the 49ers in 2016 for his second season in the NFL from next month. Once again he will have to fight his way through the NFL Preseason to reclaim his sport on the 53 man roster. We all wish him well.

Congrats everyone for making this branded content piece.

1 to 38: The Jarryd Hayne Story


Jonathan Pease

Jo Austin

Spencer Austad

Narrated by
Alan Jones

Executive Producer
Ryan Kaveney
John Du Vernet
Matthew Grounds
Guy Fowler
Jonathan Pease

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