Telstra Media to release Australia’s first Google Glass sporting app


 As everyone knows I love footy and I love gadgets. So you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to combine the two.

We’ve announced today that we’ve taken innovation to a new level, launching AFL Glassware , one of the first sporting applications worldwide for the highly anticipated Google Glass. In doing so we believe we’re beating out the likes of England’s Premier League and America’s National Football League.

AFL Glassware will give Glass-equipped Aussie Rules fans access to live match commentary, scores and scheduling. Imagine a translucent heads-up display unobtrusively positioned in your vision field, giving you real-time updates on what’s happening around the league. It will be the ultimate way to stay connected to the game with a simple glance, while staying part of the activities around you.

At the launch we had AFL players Patrick Dangerfield and Adam Goodes testing out the product and they were both suitably impressed. Although Google Glass is not yet for sale within Australia, we felt it was important to anticipate the need of our customers and have applications ready for the marketplace when it does go on sale. It also reinforces our commitment as the digital partner to the AFL.

Patrick Dangerfield

To date more than 1.7 million fans have downloaded the AFL Live App, which features live match streaming on smartphones and tablets and we believe that this development will continue to allow us to help fans connect with the game in the way that suits them best. In testing the application has been really successful and I can’t wait for next season so we can literally help AFL fans keep their eyes on the ball!

AFL 2013 Rd 01 - Carlton v Richmond

The application was created in partnership with local Melbourne developer Seventh Beam and Managing Director Jeff Smith said,  “The experience of having all your footy scores and updates presented to you in this new and immersive way is an exciting thing for AFL fans. This sort of technology is something most people haven’t had access to before, so we’re really excited to be working with Telstra to bring it to sports fans here.”

AFL 2013 Rd 11 - Melbourne v Collingwood

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