GameArena is the destination for Australia’s Gamers.

GameArena from Telstra Media is one of Australia’s largest and longest serving games services that is celebrating ten years of operation this month.

GameArena is a destination for Australian gamers that features hard-hitting editorial news, reviews and previews and a massive community of active gamers featuring ladder competitions, epic forums and hundreds of game servers.

GameArena gives gamers the opportunity to buy, rent and play from the largest and best range of both online and direct to mobile games available. GameArena is where Australians can chat to other gamers, join online games, win great prizes, and get the latest reviews and trailers of PC, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation as well as smart mobile device games.

GameArena members can enter a round robin competition with players vying for the wall of honour, or you can book a gamer server to play with friends. the destination offers a rich digital media environment for brands to reach a hard to get audience through pre-roll and video sponsorship opportunities.

Advertising can be booked on cult-status gaming programs, 5 Inch Floppy, The Benny and Richie Show and GameArena’s Weekly Update that has just celebrated 300 episodes.

GameArena currently operates over 100 gaming servers, which are monitored by a volunteer force of administrators, known as GameOps. Over 2,802,955 forum posts have been logged to date from over 120,000 active community members each month.

GameCreate is a service offered free of charge where users may book a server for a specific game for a 2 hour period of time. This server is private and can be used for either ladder training or social events.

Our massive file library, public servers and booking service is freely available to anyone, but provides specific advantages to Telstra broadband customers such as preference in downloads and unmetered usage. In order to gain access to a majority of game servers, the client The Arena, can be installed to connect through company firewalls. This means that GameArena administrators can ensure troublemakers are consistently dealt with.

So where are we headed with GameArena over the next ten years?

No doubt  more gaming, more gaming partners and of course more on demand services that allows direct and on-demand streaming of games onto a computer or other connected devices is our future. This new gaming world will be similar to video on demand or music on demand product offering through the use of a thin client, in which the actual game is stored on the operator’s server and is streamed directly to connected Internet devices accessing the server through the client.

This streaming future will allow access to games without the need of a console and largely makes the capability of the user’s computer unimportant, as the server is the system that is running the processing needs. The controls and button presses from the user are transmitted directly to the server, where they are recorded, and the server then sends back the game’s response to the input controls.

Exciting times ahead.

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