Taking ladders and parkour to a new level. V Energy

In 1887 French firefighters known as ‘Sapeur-Pompier’ (Pom-pee-yay) employed the use of a ‘pompier ladder’. The ladder was a simple device constructed to have a large hook at one end, which could be hooked over windows and ledges of buildings. The ladder theoretically allowed firefighters to reach every floor of a building. Later in the 1900s the discipline evolved into a unique sport, called Hakenleitsteigen, or ‘hook ladder climbing’.

v-isokinetic-sports-energy-drink Influenced by these physical disciplines, Pomparkour began as a niche pass time in early 2010 believed to have originated in New Zealand is now widely accepted as a sport in its own right.It  combines two “sports” – Pompier ladder climbing and Parkour, which uses acrobatic movements to run and jump over window ledges, overhanging roofs and gaps between buildings.Now the skill is being deployed by Colenso BBDO to promote a new energy and hydration drink from V Energy called V Isokinetic.


More about the sport of Pomparkour can be found at the V Republic community web site.

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