IPTV Australasia 2007


Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd, October 2007
Main Conference Room
Hilton Hotel, Sydney NSW Australia

IPTV, WebTV, P2PTV, vodcasting, streaming and downloaded video media. The list of multiplatform
delivery models goes on. The question that needs answering is what does video content delivered over Internet Protocol mean for broadcasters, content producers, operators, advertisers and service providers.

Investing in on-demand and IPTV services is an expensive and a demanding undertaking. No only do you need to get the technology implemented quickly and effectively but offering value-added services needs to be a compelling and rewarding experience for your customers. Enter the market under prepared and you risk giving market share to your competitors. The more you understand about the challenges and opportunities of offering IPTV services, the better placed and clearer the task of choosing partners and new on-demand services becomes.

These were the themes covered in a two day conference in Sydney this month at the IPTV Australasia the region’s only two-day executive level conference that analyses the profitable business models, evolving access technologies, emerging delivery devices and content windowing strategies in the on-demand, and broadcast environments.

I was asked to be on the ADVERTISING AND INTERACTION panel to discuss the how the IPTV environment will change advertising, branding and storytelling over TV platforms.

Below is a summary of my talk.





In its raw form IPTV advertising offers brands an immersive television experience with the added bonus of being able to enhance it with interactivity. It will also offer marketers the addressability and accountability of advertising that exists in the Internet world, enabling the targeting of individual homes, personalized messages, and more accurate measurement of an advertisement’s impact. But what the real impact of IPTV offers brands and marketers is to move from producing an interruption message to developing compelling content .

The successful future brands will be the ones people actively seek out because they can hold an engaging conversation. The advertising industry will need to move and be structured much closer to the world of the content industry. The new advertising mangers and leaders will be the groups that know how to deliver and program audience involvement. They will build brands with much more layers and craft and deliver their personalities across multiply digital devices and access channels.

The management of brands and communications and the future marketing department will be more like team similarly structured to managing a weekly television series. Brands will always be about big ideas, but in the new IPTV world the daily audience ratings will dictate its success or failure.

At Clemenger Communications, we believe digital creative innovation offer brands their biggest opportunity. It allows businesses to create an immersive brand experience to pull a consumer in, lean forward and participate. We call this ‘digital engagement’.

Digital engagement measures the extent to which a consumer has a meaningful brand experience when exposed to a combination of commercial advertising ,and content programs developed across multiply media and digital platforms.

Big ideas are essential to connect to people. People are not just strategized and developed databases and profiles. They are people and as such, we focus on crafting a brand experience by maximizing three key areas of story telling.

1. Mechanics, in digital planning terms this describes creating the idea and nourishing this with particular components and/or story of the digital experience.

2. Dynamics, in technology and build terms this describes the run-time behavior of the mechanics acting on consumer inputs and each others outputs over time.

3. Aesthetics, in digital creative terms this describes the desirable emotional responses evoked in the consumer, when they interact with the program experience across multiple devices and channels. Oh, if you didn’t know multiple devices and channels is another word for media.

Compelling content rather then interruption messages pull connected people and communities together, and move these targeted people from an acquaintance of the brand to a friend.

At Clemenger Communications we arm our agencies and develop compelling content by employing some of world’s most awarded and effective advertising creative people and housing them in our Clemenger BBDO agencies offices in Auckland and Wellington. Creativity delivered in the digital interactive form deliver marketing programs that gain audience involvement . The result is business success, just ask any of our long servicing clients. Exciting times ahead welcome to Digital Innovation.


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