Taiwan Advertising Conference: TALK Customer Immersion and Connection with Interactive Marketing

taiwan_logo     taipei101
                                                                         Taipei 101 Tower, is the tallest building in the world (508 meters high)

Department of Commerce
August 1, 2007
Tower 101,
Taipei, Taiwan

I was invited by the Taiwan Government to speak in Taipei as part of the Advertising Improvement/ Promotion Project. The conference was arranged by the Department of Commerce, MOEA, in conjunction with the National Development Plan’s “Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan”. The project mission is to promote and develop Taiwan advertising, establish connections with international advertising application trends, build local advertisement and cultural talent, and make a commercial contribution to the development of life and society.

I was briefed that the Advertising improvement/Promotion Project is focused on the three main fields of establishing superior environment, promoting manpower, and setting a pattern. The project is managed to foster excellence in those professional services connected with commercial development and advertisement, in order to instill advertising creativity, encourage commercial development, and enhance internationally competitive abilities.



What brief!

Customer Immersion and Connection with Interactive Marketing

Talk Overview:

In an age where consumers increasingly control their media, the rules of engagement have changed.  The most successful businesses of the future will be those who compel consumers to actively seek out and demand their brand.

The debate about Internet Marketing as direct response or brand building channel continues to roll on. The more important question is to understand the Internet medium itself and how the consumer uses it as part of an integrated communications program.

We covered the day using example case studies from McDonald’s, Philips and Volkswagen.

* Understanding customer mindsets and developing strategies to overcome the barriers to assign proposition
* Setting a framework so integrated ideas can rise to the top before setting on a lead idea or media channel
* Developing a roll out plan for fully integrated campaigns that builds and allows you to learn from each customer interaction
* Setting measurement goals and ensuring the customer experience is consistent from awareness, consideration and ownership
* Exploring what works and what does not for an integration campaign

On a personal note:

I had a free day while in Taipei and visited the Taipei 101 Tower, National Palace Museum and also the National Museum of History.

P8020057    taiwan_palace

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