Lipton ‘Black Label Tea: Asia Campaign ‘Hirameki Park’


Working with the Lipton team has been a great experience. We’ve been able to create a thoroughly entertaining and interactive digital destination at the Hirameki Park. It’s very exciting to be rolling out such an innovative campaign across Asia too.

Tribal DDB’s Lipton Hiramaki campaign leapfrogs from the fact that tea is already an integral part of everyday Asian culture. The campaign adds fun and creativity to the daily ritual. At the root of the campaign is “HIRAMEKI” the Japanese expression which means “unleashing inspiration and creativity.

The idea is that drinking Tea, which provides “Theanine” allows you to be “relaxed and alert”. This state of mind provides the perfect mental condition to get a brilliant idea or be inspired – thus HIRAMEKI. Have a cup of Lipton Yellow Label and see things with new perspective. Tribal DDB Shanghai and Hong Kong have launched this first campaign for Lipton Yellow Label across Asia, it will eventually run in 11 Asian countries, including China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Tea drinkers are invited to Lipton’s Hirameki Park – a funfair of interactive entertainment. The website allows users to play, co-create, as well as gain tips for how to be enlightened and inspired. People post their favourite tea recipes, they can download interactive desktops and wallpapers which remind them how to have a Hirameki moment once a day. There are magic tricks to learn and quizzes to make you smarter.

Lipton ads to go regional
by Arun Sudhaman
Media Asia 21-Mar-07, 06:08

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