Zhong Hua Campaign: The freshness you can see


It’s been a busy time in China as Tribal DDB Shanghai gains momentum. We have picked up two Unilever brand assignments, Lipton (more on this later) and also working in Zhong Hua toothpaste.

The main objective for Zhong Hua is to deliver an attractive communication about the new product format “gel in gel”, the “Fresh Core Cool Blue”. 

We are using the Valentine’s season as a platform to build a word of mouth device around “Freshness you can see”, modernizing and uplifting Zhonghua Brand Image at the same time.

ZhongHua_Home ZhongHua_Game

We have based the concept on when you are chasing a girlfriend, if you get close to her within 10cm, you can successfully get a kiss (if your lucky that is).

At that moment, your freshness’ breathe and your healthy teeth are the most critical things. Zhoughua prepare them for you, helping you get close-up with others.

Combining love and freshness together, the tagline came naturally: “Get close within 10 CM freshly; there is no distance about love”. To support the campaign we used Netease, the famous Chinese portal as a partner and we built an online competition to encourage people to upload their creative ideas about how to get close to their lovers and asking for love. People could upload video, picture and copy to express their fresh love.

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