McDonald’s Australia: Sip ‘n’ Flip 2 Win Mobile Promotion


McDonald’s asked Tribal DDB Sydney to develop a promotion that was simple, efficient and engaging to consumers with a primary objective to increase the total drink UPT’s and volume over the period of the promotion or campaign to create customer excitement throughout the promotion.

Our idea Sip N Flip 2 Win


Tribal DDB carried out all strategic, concept and online development phases of Sip N Flip 2 Win, Legion Interactive supplied the SMS engine and cup code validation. 

The key requirement from the website, apart from integrating with the SMS promotion is to provide an alternative entry channel for people without mobile phones. The mechanics of the promotion is as follows;

1. Unique game codes were printed on a perforated section hidden under the lip of medium and large drink cups.  Advertising directed customers to pull out and flip back the perforated section to reveal the code.

2. Customers were instructed to then SMS this unique game code to 0413 MACCAS (622 227) or enter it via website

3. In return for entering the unique game code, the entrant received:

• An Instant Reward +
• An entry* into that day’s ‘Daily’ prize draw +
• An entry* into the next ‘Ultimate’ prize draw

Note: An entrant was given 2 chances in the draw if the code was from a large Cup.

Each medium and large cup contained a single code. The database recognised which size cup the code was entered from and assigned the appropriate number of entries the entrant was entitled to.

For every code that was received and validated from a medium cup, the entrant received one Instant reward; one entry into that day’s ‘Daily Prize Draw’; and one entry into the next ‘Ultimate Prize Draw’.
Each time a consumer submitted a Unique Game Code that was received and validated, they were awarded an "Instant Reward". These included McDonald’s food, Video Ezy, Blue Sky Frog and offers.


SIP N FLIP 2 WIN HAS recorded Australia’s largest ever number of entries for an sms promotion: over four million entries in six weeks. The promotion also saw over 2.2 million unique players.

The primary focus of the promotion was to increase the total drink UPT’s and volume. The campaign succeeded in increasing the UPT’s. Our client was also able to enjoy positive feedback on the creative work.

Using online and SMS created a dialogue with customers based on minimal consumer data. Perfectly in line with our brief to develop a promotion that was simple, efficient and engaging to consumers. 
SIP N FLIP 2 WIN worked from a strategic foundation that served to drive transactions by stimulating re-purchase. Rather than creating a currency with ‘point’ that accrue through a high level of consumer involvement, it sought to reward EVERY purchase with ‘instant rewards’ and a chance to win major prizes that can be reached with a low level of consumer involvement.  Online and SMS achieved this objective.

Importantly, the game was also designed to appeal to a youth target market. The mechanism sought to reward high volume purchase behaviour. This segment of the market potentially offers the greatest impact on transaction counts and revenue with the smallest shift in existing purchasing behaviour.

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