Fisher & Paykel’s Lost Sock campaign by Colenso BBDO


For 75 years Fisher & Paykel has consistently led the appliance-world with their innovative thinking. But there’s one thing that’s got them stumped. Your missing sock. They just don’t know what happened to it. It has remained forever unsolved, because, despite the best efforts of its talented team of designers, engineers and scienticians, the appliance maker has admitted that it is the one thing it hasn’t quite managed to figure out.

Colenso BBDO decided to do something about it and have launched the ‘Lost My Sock’ research programme in the hope that, for once and for all, Fisher & Paykel can find out what is happening to all those missing socks.
But we need your help.

We need your lost sock data to help us get to the bottom of a problem that has troubled them  since the invention of the first washing machine. In return for your help (and to compensate for your lost sock) Fisher & Paykel are offering, not one, but two socks.



Fisher & Paykel Lost Sock


Innovation and Sock History

The Lost Sock Image Database 

The new TVC, which was released and points out the many technological advances the company can lay claim to, aims to draw punters to the lost sock website, where they are asked to upload photos of their orphaned socks. The uploaders then get a sock voucher they can redeem in-store.

Scott Coldham, senior account director at Colenso BBDO, says the campaign is going very well so far, with visitors spending over four minutes on the site since it launched and 5-10,000 people visiting per day. Added to that, over 9,000 sock photos have already been uploaded. And there are already a few fans sharing their sock-related musings on the Facebook page.

Nick Worthington was the executive creative director and Aaron Turk, Colenso Interactive Creative Director was responsible for the web site and digital campaign.

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