Internet Circle AUSTRALIA: TALK: “The responsibilities involved in marketing to youth through interactive media”

30 August, 2005

second_life2  second_life1

Some highlights to the talk below;

• Children today are the first generation to know more, technologically, than their parents. This world of accelerated technology is one they feel very comfortable with.

• There is a steady increase in the use of the Internet by children, but also an increase in the use of mobile communications.

• We know they are masters of multi-tasking and they actively use these devices, either all or a selection thereof at the same time. Children understand non-linear communication, they are interdisciplinary, technologically affluent, accustomed to control and thrive on change. They lead multimedia lives.

• Kids live a double life and this is just the beginning

• The Virtual life: Kids solve their problems, as if it were a game

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