Strategic Branding Conference: TALK: “The Channel Of First Impressions “

Park Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne
18th and 19th of September 2003

Below are some highlights to my talk.

Online Advertising:
Maximising the impact, value and performance of your brand

  • The power to choose and distribute content is facilitated by the many digital devices people are now using in their everyday lives.
  • People have not made it easy for us by choosing to connect through so many devices. It can be a pretty confusing landscape out there and it may get even more confusing as by the end of the next decade.
  • Use of instant messenger has increased exponentially. Messenger speak, are beginning to enter the vernacular. In the UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain, MSNing has actually become a verb. People ‘MSN’ each other. In the Netherlands, Messenger is so popular a newspaper even writes a weekly article in messenger speak….

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